Dorsey Price Salerno

Plaza Walther in Bolzano, Italy

Fascinating Story of a Jewish Family in Nazi Occupied Italy - Extremely Well Written, June 3, 2010

by Helen S. Bowers   Upstate New York

Dorsey Salerno has an intensity that draws the reader into the story, page

by page. She is a writer's writer.

She has obviously researched well the years that Italy and her citizens were

in the Nazi grip. She has researched and absorbed Jewish attitudes and 

customs well. Lovingly she has put the two together into a fascinating story

that gives a view of our recent history and people who love deeply and those who love not at all.

With a heavy heart I bid farewell to the Cantarini family this afternoon. I would so like to know them better and enjoy their company in real life. I congratulate you

on getting upper class Jewry exactly right. As well as the unpredictability of the Nazis. (I, too, have stories.)

Five stars every way you look at this gripping story.

 By Katherine Follmer Brittell, Former Assistant Editor, The Johns Hopkins University Press, December 1, 2009

This review is from: THE BACCHUS CLAIM (Paperback)

   This tale will long remain in my consciousness as a reminder of the need to be watchful of current events.  The author's descriptions of the agonizing feeling of 

her characters finding themselves in situations they never dreamed of, "living on the edge of being found," stirred my imagination to thoughts of what could 

possibly come to be in these uncertain times. My freedom to speak and write, to wander where I will, has become all the more precious.

    I am impressed with the amount of research the author invested in THE BACCHUS CLAIM;impressed as well with those who gave their time to create an authentic background for this novel. I add Ms. Salerno's knowledge of literature 

and music, as well as writing skills, to my list.

    I am grateful for THE BACCHUS CLAIM providing me with a better

understanding of the plight of the Jews in Italy during World War II, grateful for being make more aware of not only the suffering, but also the courage and determination of the Italians and Jews during this period. This book presents a piece of history of which I had been ignorant, and is a novel that I find has made my life richer for having partaken of the inner fortitude of these characters. 


4.0 out of 5 stars An action book that deals with WWII that is relevant to these times.December 3, 2009
By T. M. Lynch (Charlottesville, VA) 
This review is from: THE BACCHUS CLAIM (Paperback)
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Bacchus Claim! The characters are well drawn
and masterfully woven to intertwine and meet at a number of climactic points. I enjoyed the places in Italy where the action transpires. I appreciated the Jewish wisdom as well as the familiarity with the Italian language and culture that was highlighted. The issue of stolen art work during the Nazi occupation is relevant to the present day. 
It's a very good read that I would highly recommend. 

4.0 out of 5 stars A good read!January 19, 2010
This review is from: THE BACCHUS CLAIM (Paperback)
The Bacchus Claim is a compelling tale rich in action and emotion. The reader becomes quickly invested in the storylines of each character. I found it difficult
to put this book down!

4.0 out of 5 stars A real page-turnerDecember 20, 2009
This review is from: THE BACCHUS CLAIM (Paperback)
The Bacchus Claim takes the reader through the struggles of a jewish family in Nazi controlled Italy to not only survive but to recover a very valuable work of
art stolen from them by a vicious and duplicitous SS officer.The SS officer and
an unprincipled art dealer get their due.The stolen work ultimately surfaces at
an auction house in New York where the family makes it claim. The characters
are developed so well that the reader shares their feelings, fears and aspirations. 
It's a super read.

By Marikay Satryano   A Great READ!  August 23, 2010

Just finished THE BACCHU CLAIM last night, couldn't put it down!

You weave quite a yarn. For a while I almost thought Silvia had been sent on
some sort of mission to trap Ben, her questions, her willingness to follow him,
her relentless support... it could have gone either way!

Can't wait to lend this book to my mom!!!

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